Well it is a brand spanking new year and unlike may of you I had to postpone my new years resolutions until after my 43rd birthday last night. Shout out to all Capricorns enjoy your month this is the year of doing it now, cause we know that tomorrow is not promised. First up for yours truly was to get  this blog up, check. Next up  is my Podcast “Just Gimpin” a  format in which I will interview people like you from many walks of life  going above and beyond to be of service to others while get their voice heard about what it is that they are doing to improve the lives of others as well as any and everything food related.

Anyhow here are a few pics from our first Klub meeting held at The Shed on Glenwood prepared by Chef Todd Richards. Let me tell you this, I loved everything about this place,in fact if I had the money to open a spot like this I would. The place is in an area that does not look like Atlanta, it’s like a neighborhood joint a destination restaurant of sorts with a homey vibe and an open kitchen in which I love.

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