At this moment in time I am dead, the old me that is. Ever since my last post months ago I have gone through multiple ups and  downs, in and out of depression and have even lost my passion for the culinary arts. It’s crazy how life is going in your favor for a moment before it challenges you in ways that leave you doubting yourself, your faith, and questioning what you thought your lifes purpose is.

Another year is almost over and I still have yet to accomplish my goals to lose weight, read two books a month, to have bi-weekly dinner parties in addition to not consistently participate as a vendor at The  Atlanta Underground Market  events.Well today is the day where I will interdependently begin to move forward and begin making things happen. Today I will live by lifes simple rules including by living today like it is my last, by faith, and the belief  that I am here with a purpose of using my talents  to inspire those of you that may need inspiration be it culinary or not.

I came up with the title of this blog based on three books with the first being legendary Author/Food Historian Jessica B.Harris‘s  classic IRON POTS & WOODEN SPOONS, the Ultimate portion of the title came from the Japanese Manga OISHINBO where it follows  the 27 year old protagonist of the series  Shirō Yamaoka. He is a journalist for the Tōzai News (東西新聞社 Tōzai Shinbun?)’s culture division and the head of its “Ultimate Menu” project. He is only son of world famous Chef & potter Yūzan Kaibara. So what I did was compare what Shiros  mission was with Anthelme Brillat-Savarin famous and my personal  favorite culinary quote  that I think of when people ask me “whats your favorite dish to cook?” In addition to the quote linked above  I just happened to be reading the book Instructions to the Cook A Zen Master’s Lessons in Living a Life that Matters by Bernard Glassman & Rick Fields that I was given by a Buddhist Monk while working at The Omega Institute For Well-being in Up State NY. As a foodie I had to read it since it mentioned the word cook, I read it in one week but being caught up in negativity/life I have failed like the book states that as a Zen cook I like you already have everything that we need. It says that if we look closely at our lives, we will find that we have all the ingredients we need to prepare the Supreme Meal, of course this meal is very different for each of us. But according to the principles of the Zen cook, it always consists of five main “courses” or aspects of life.of which I combined in the title because it is my lifes mission to not only be a great chef but person too. Listed below is The Zen Cooks Special Menu that I hope we can share together.











The final part of the title came about because not only did I want this blog to be about food but a way for me to fully express myself so I kinda jacked the RAMBLINGS, MUSINGS & CHRONICLES from a site I came across where the blogger fully expressed themselves as well.. There you go, title explained the best way I could explain it. So please dont think this blog is all negative it’s simply about my life, the good, the bad, and the tasty!!! E the Amputee Chef.



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